Bristol 403 – Peking to Paris



Bristol 403

We are chuffed that our 403 (“Silvia”, formerly “the Bulldog”) will be the first Bristol to participate in the Peking to Paris Endurance Rally, organised by the Endurance Rally Organisation, based in the UK.

In a nutshell, it’s a 36 day “race” starting in Peking on Sunday 12/6/16, ending in Paris on Sunday 17/7/16. The route goes from China, through 11 countries.

It’s not necessarily about the “fastest”, but more about following the instructions, navigating, repairing broken axles whilst thinking it’s a great lark, reveling in the lack of suspension, appreciating the intimacy of cramped car cabins and generally being in “the spirit” of things.

Although Peking to Paris sounds adventurously exotic , you’ll see from the link to The Endurance Rally Association that the race is not a dainty putt putt. Many of our friends and family are staggered at the amount of preparation we are putting into the 403 to make it perfectly pretty, only to dint it on the first run. Stupidity, craziness, lunacy, daftness can account for this.

The race is extremely well organised, with enough mechanical and medical support to keep our wives placated.

Bristols are a passion for us, and the P2P – what a better way to cement our love of life and Bristols!

Now, whilst you may not be able to help us change gears, advise when we’re heading north instead of east, nor hoist us out of cavernous ruts, you can follow our journey on this website, and also be really useful by helping out our “charity” Bright Light CLICK HERE


  1. Can understand you “navigating, repairing broken axles whilst thinking it’s a great lark, reveling in the lack of suspension, appreciating the intimacy of cramped car cabins and generally being in “the spirit” of things”, but cannot see you “following the instructions”;

    Just make sure your life insurance covers Stupidity, craziness, lunacy, daftness and general Englishness;

  2. Understand navigating, repairing broken axles whilst thinking it’s a great lark, reveling in the lack of suspension, appreciating the intimacy of cramped car cabins and generally being in “the spirit” of things.
    Can’t understand how you will be “following the instructions”;

    Just make sure your life insurance covers stupidity, craziness, lunacy, daftness and general Englishness;

  3. John Hickman

    Now, I wonder how such quiet and stick-at-home Pa and Mas could have produced sons who seem to spend most of their lives either working or playing all over the world?

    However “Fifi’, my petit phantom French girl friend from way back in the late 1940s /early 1950s says she will be cheering you across the finishing line in the Place Vendome on July 17th. Says she will round up as many of her offspring, grand kids and great grand kids as she can! I wonder what her little turned up nose and pouty little mouth look like now after all those years?

    Don’t worry folks. Whilst I always had a phantom ‘Fifi”, while I was in Nigeria Iris took in a lodger called Roger! Main difference he was not a phantom!


  4. I and a large crowd admired the P2P 403 at the recent South Australian All British Day – it was the feature car for the Bristol Display, proving that it is not all show but with plenty of GO the 403 by all accounts performed well in the heat on its trip to Adelaide and performed exceptionally well in a healthy direct run back to Sydney. Envisage a solid result for the Peking to Paris Rally. What a spectacle it will be as the 403 makes its way down the Champs-Élysées to the Arc de Triomphe – Vive La Bristol !!!

    Good Luck Paul and Bas

    Pete & Jo

  5. Paul – the car is an absolute credit to you, fantastic effort and what a journey for you. I will be keeping a close eye on what you are doing when you are over there form this site as you embark on the next journey.
    You mention about speed and not coming first, the is an old racing saying: I never lose, I just run out of lap gas or time – I’ve seen the way you drive, if you wanted to win consider putting Dorothy at the wheel!!
    One more saying for when your at the pub – Racing – Because football, baseball, basketball, soccor and golf only require one ball.

    Have a great time your humble servant – Andrew

  6. Well, no matter where you travel these days, there will be a Yorkshire man, and booze! Having driven said car I am impressed with Bas’s rebuild skills and I know it is going to make it in style, but as for the occupants…….
    Best from Mike

  7. Hi Sebastian. I’ve been spending the week with Murray Coppins and he tells me that you are doing P-P this year. Good luck. I did it 3 years ago in an EH Holden with my son. If there’s anything I can help you with at this late stage feel free to contact me 0417552446
    Regards, Mike Killingsworth
    FB ocean grove to paris

  8. Hello Paul. Thank Dorothy very much for the kind donation to our charity. It was extremely thoughtful. We have reciprocated with a donation to yours.
    We are in car 64. 1965 Volvo Amazon.
    Looking forward to meeting you in Peking for an adventure of a lifetime.
    Take care
    Claudine/ Andy

  9. Good luck on your P2P 2016 from Denver Colorado!

    My brother-in-law and his son are in car 104 and we will follow all of you! Hope to see you in Peking and Paris. We will try to be at both

    Mark & Terry Williams

  10. Good luck from a 412 owner! My wife and I did the London to Peking-Hong Kong Rally in 1990. Take lots of pot noodles with you!

  11. Heard your wife on ABC 702 Sydney this morning….
    Stop polishing car parts in the kitchen when she’s not home -it really gets her very upset….
    She knows when you do it because she is stalking your Facebook page….
    Good luck to you both – Go Team Bristol…!

  12. Gidday Paul & Bas,
    Have been following you guys via the tracker and your website blog – Wow! this is a truly epic adventure. Not really sure about your meal choice in Beijing but whatever rocks your boat I guess. We wish you every success ” Sideways to Victory”
    Peter Forrester
    On behalf of the South Australian Squadron of the Bristol Owners Club of Australia

  13. sorry we had to abandon ship. The Buick has some insoluble carb problem. We were in danger getting stuck behind enemy lines.
    Will miss you good company.
    I will be in Paris…meanwhile good luck
    Richard, car 30

  14. Love the pics Paul, looks like you guys are having a great time… Not sure where you have all the luggage but who cares when you’re out there mate. Best of luck on the last stretch. Truly an event you have achieved so far. Best wishes, Pat R back in OZ

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