Tentative Route

Peking to Paris

Peking to Paris

Rally day Week day Date Start town Finish town Kms Country
1 Sunday 12th June Peking Datong 388 China
2 Monday 13th June Datong Erenhot 573 China
3 Tuesday 14th June Erenhot Undurshireet 400 Mongolia
4 Wednesday 15th June Undurshireet Ulaan Baatar 360 Mongolia
5 Thursday 16th June Rest Day Ulaan Baatar 0 Mongolia
6 Friday 17th June Ulaan Baatar Bulgan 343 Mongolia
7 Saturday 18th June Bulgan Murun 350 Mongolia
8 Sunday 19th June Murun Uliastai 390 Mongolia
9 Monday 20th June Uliastai Chjargas Lake 350 Mongolia
10 Tuesday 21st June Chjargas Lake Olgiy 350 Mongolia
11 Wednesday 22nd June Olgiy Altai Republic 180 Russia
12 Thursday 23rd June Altai Republic Aya 550 Russia
13 Friday 24th June Aya Novosibirsk 560 Russia
14 Saturday 25th June Rest Day Novosibirsk 0 Russia
15 Sunday 26th June Novosibirsk Omsk 668 Russia
16 Monday 27th June Omsk Tyumen 627 Russia
17 Tuesday 28th June Tyumen Yekaterinburg 384 Russia
18 Wednesday 29th June Yekaterinburg Perm 420 Russia
19 Thursday 30th June Perm Kazan 590 Russia
20 Friday 1st July Rest Day Kazan 0 Russia
21 Saturday 2nd July Kazan Nizhny Novgorod 436 Russia
22 Sunday 3rd July Nizhny Novgorod Zavidovo 613 Russia
23 Monday 4th July Zavidovo Smolensk 461 Russia
24 Tuesday 5th July Smolensk Minsk 554 Belorussia
25 Wednesday 6th July Minsk Brest 494 Belorussia
26 Thursday 7th July Brest Rzeszow 315 Poland
27 Friday 8th July Rzeszow Kosice 320 Slovakia
28 Saturday 9th July Kosice Budapest 380 Hungary
29 Sunday 10th July Rest Day Budapest 0 Hungary
30 Monday 11th July Budapest Maribor 410 Slovenia
31 Tuesday 12th July Maribor Ljubljana 300 Slovenia
32 Wednesday 13th July Ljubljana San Martino di Castrozza 454 Italy
33 Thursday 14th July San Martino di Castrozza St Moritz 390 Switzerland
34 Friday 15th July St Moritz Lausanne 420 Switzerland
35 Saturday 16th July Lausanne Reims 485 France
36 Sunday 17th July Reims Paris 180 France
Total Kms 13695




  1. Hey Paul,
    we would like to visit some way points to cheer for that fantastic rallye. It would be awesome if you could send me a list with the detailed address from the different way points.


  2. Dear Phil. Sorry. Only just noticed your comment ….. hope we navigate the roads better than this website. We haven’t been given addresses yet, but will let you know when the organisers spill the beans. Thanks! Having people cheer along the way would be amazing, true celebrity status.

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