Bright Light – Donations Closed – THANK YOU


Current total 11 June 2016 

from Option 1 + 2

Target smashed to smithereens

$20,905  AUD

Looks like a typo or a maths mistake, eh?  But no. These crazy boys going on this crazy rally, in a crazily beautiful car can now offer some help to Munkhchuluun and the Bright Light Organisation who help underprivileged and untrained women in Mongolia to learn skills  for self-sufficiency.

Paul, Sebastian and Silvia THANK YOU from the bottom of their hearts and fuel tanks for your generosity.  You’ve made it happen.

Dick Smith said that people who donate should own up to it …. he reckons this encourages philanthropy. However, if you prefer anonymity, we won’t tell Dick Smith.

Thank you to our wonderful friends, family, and people we’ve not yet met, but would like to.

USD below

Ron Yuen – big-hearted brother – love ya!

our own darling Iris

Adel Welty – from USA who loves Fiona’s music. Thank you

Mark Hickman, the only brother with whom Paul’s never fought.

Pedro Silvestre – the best. Thanks mate

Rod & Eva Macdonald – 1st of many donations. They’re tops

Philip Tinne – met Bas on NZ bike tour – what a bloke! Ta

Dilip & Smita – donated despite being pestered daily by Dorothy

Lynne & David Sung – best-ever friends

Marky – Michael – keeps us guessing. Much love darling

Malcolm Noble – car enthusiast from UK – our sincere thanks for your support

Jenny Misa – 1st of many donations from our fabulous girl

Claudine Bloom in Amy Amazon the Volvo – mates on the rally

Sharon Trueman whose energy is an inspiration to us all

Jamie & Bec Bawden – special friends over the ditch

William & Helen – our Irish family with much love and thanks

Neil & Dawn Dawson – forever in gratitude for your friendship

our darling Emily who’s leading the way on her adventures

Cunninghams – again!! I said not to, but the cows told them to.

More also from our uber cool Japanese James Bond

Fytogreen friends, Geoff Jane David etc. You guys rule

Carolyn Reay-Young – fellow literary “Parisian” – v sweet!

Andrew Schirnack – good bloke, our big thanks

AUD below

MAINMARK – Phil & Meaw – offered to match 3:1 each $1 donated by a Mainmark employee – so thank you Mainmark Staff for making Phil spend his money – and thank you Phil & Meaw. We love you
from Chris & Ali Charman – our Pom Poms. Thank you
from Tom Bailey, our own Mr Happy. Ta
Scott Candy , our sugar daddy always delivers. Cheers.
from Japanese friends – Miki, Serita, Armia-san & Family, and the staff at Kinzan. So very very generous. Thank you so much.
from the marvellous Mike Beveridge – cheers mate!
Steve Rosten &Anna Summers – stalwarts of Bristol Owners Club – our sincere thanks.
the beautiful Jenny Misa just keeps giving more + more
Bronwyn&Justin Sheridan. Given us =a heifer.! Love yas!!
Daryl Upton in Canada. Wow! Visit us again!
Leigh&Leann Whitehair-smart&lovely neighbours.
John Snelgrove @Curwoods – true & trusted to the end
Eeh By Gum it’s the Austins -LOL mates Marko & Susie
Eamonn Daly – thank you and your beautiful wife
Miriam Kennedy – maker & shaker – love her. Thanks
Colin Matthews – thank you old friend. Must keep in touch.
Patti Boow – spins a great pot and a great yarn. Much love.
Aiman El-Chahrouk – many thanks to a really nice bloke
Chris &Val Davies from UAE & UK & URgreat. Big thanks.
Maggy May (AKA Aunty Margaret). Our positive inspiration.
John and Pennie Wilson. Kind, always thoughtful friends.
Andrew Masterson Kiwi lad who fills a doorway – thanks mate.
Pat Romeo – good mate with a winning twinkle in his eye
Paul Johnson – very kind and generous. Thank you.
Julieann & Rob Pearsall – our sincere love and thanks
Chris Tsolakis – she’s usually the donation collector. Thanks Chris!

nicest bloke, Joe Glanville, and his better half, Olivia
Anna & Tim Pope – generous hard-working & v pretty
Rosie & Robert- relos with whom to share our slide nights
lovely Gillian and Richard -always good for a laugh!
Elwin & Renate Bright Lights to Toshi and Dusty!
Sarah & Rick great friends who do great things.
lovely Amy who starred as Dorothy the Dinosaur
our cruising cousins Rhoda & Stuart – yeah!
Amanda Stavert – Ms Enthusiastic – thank you
ANOTHER donation from Yifan & Sir Rod
Andy Shearer – fellow British car enthusiast-thanks
more from Dai our very own  Japanese James Bond
Jan Puci kindly donated sale of books to Bright Light
From our smiley Ruth Ward – so generous. Ta!
from BuChim who brighten our lives
Little Hartley Music – music that brightens the world
Ann Samild – dear friend
THANKyou BOCA South Australia (Bristol Club)
Nitu Gupta tells good yarns whilst pulling teeth
Balloon Inflation – Bruce – thank you
ur darling Michaela whom we all love to bits
Velencia, our amazing Wonderwoman. So v generous. Thank you
Janet Scott,  Mothersgoup groupie. Big kiss
Cousin Ernie – taught me to type when 10 yo, Bless you
Claire Hartley – magical marketing ms – Brilliant. Ta

from lovely friends the Cunninghams;
from our Peter & Katy
rom our Emily, Iris  Andrew, Jack,  Mark  Micky
from Deb and Martin, great mates who’ll wave boys off in China
from beautiful Chloe, with the big dimples
Esther and Paul – dear mates about to do Italian Camino walk
Owen & Anne – birthday buddies doing a Larapinta charity walk
Scotty P – the friend whom you’re so grateful your kids have.
from Frank Giannuzzi our trustworthy friend for many years
from our darling Annette Mather in Wales, UK
from the wonderfully intrepid Jane Dostine. Time for coffee?
from our shining knight, Angus
Lindsay & Caroline Smyrk – beautiful parents of darling Katy
Chris Sutton + Oliver Lee – Yeah! Good Guys from The Buro
Thanks Boys! Adam & Richard @Quest Accountants
from the lovely  Kirsty  LeRay
from the very special Gwenda Johnston
our very beautiful Brooke McKinnon, her James and baby Olivia
Brisbane Best Buddies Monica & Graeme Spender
Angela and Jack Weremy-happy funny good mates
from Victorian  legends Jenni & James O’Grady
thank you Georgie Gioulis – our sparky The SPARTAN!!