P2P Race Start – Gentlemen start your engines!

2016-06-12 Great Wall & Boys over the bonnet at

Signature handshake! Our standard ritual before a great adventure.

2016-06-12 Paul & Bas getting some GPS instructions from Pete

Paul and Sebastian getting a quick lesson on GPS gadgetry from Pete.

2016-06-12 Dragon at P2P Start Line

Dragon dance, wishing all the teams the best of luck.

2016-06-12 - Great Wall - Bas checking engine still neat & tidy

The final checks carried out by the one and only Sebastian.

2016-06-11 Mini between Le France

Who says size matters? Paul and Chris with their iconic Mini.

2016-06-12 Paul off to a good start at Great Wall

Emptying out the bladder is a must before the arduous journey. Thanks for the borrowed toilet paper!

2016-06-12 Deb gives boys gentle shove

Deb giving a helping hand. Every drop of fuel counts!

2016-06-12 Silvia & the Dragon

Silvia with the Dragon.

2016-06-12 On their way, bless them

Waiting to move up to the starting line.

2016-06-12 Dr Nicky telling Paul to take his antibiotics for his teeth

Almost forgot, Dr Nicky telling Paul to take his antibiotics for his teeth.

2016-06-12 Aussie Daniel & John in Bentley, one of Silvia's rivals

Aussie Daniel & John in their 1936 Bentley Sport Special, one of  Silvia’s rivals.

2016-06-12 One of Silvia's rivals

Another one of Silvia’s rivals. Steve and Katherine in their 1915 American La France.

2016-06-12 James Bond with roof racks

James and David in the ultimate spy car, 1967 – Aston Martin DB6.

2016-06-12 Aussie Jill & Bruce in Red Dog, Silvia's pet

Aussie rivals Bruce and Jill in their Red Dog.

2016-06-12 Aussie Jill & Gunther in Mustang - in NBI Team with Silvia

Gunther and Jillian in their Ford Mustang Mach 1.

2016-06-12 Silvia at Starting Line

Silvia at the racing line. Pedal to the Metal!

2016-06-12 Aussie Bruce & Jill in Monaro - in NBI team with Silvia

An Aussie icon, pure brut force. 1971 Holden Monaro.