Our Bristol 403 History



White Paint Bristol 403

Our 403 was bought in June 2012 from Dungog, country NSW, Australia. Paul was alerted to its existence by Geoff Dowdle, an authority of the Bristol Club in Australia, It had been sitting unused in a big old shed gathering dust amongst old 2nd hand shop stuff for 32 yrs. Sebastian started it in less than 5 minutes, a testament to the car and the mechanic!



We decided to completely strip the China Doll white paint off the 403, and have a sexy hot polished aluminium beauty.



Paul’s son, Jack, stripping the car



Bristol 403


Bristol 403

To make the 403 comply with P2P regulations, yet remain true to its form, plus sturdy enough to survive road-less Mongolian deserts, Sebastian led the way completely disassembling the car till it was just a chassis, with the engine under rags somewhere, all other parts in boxes, screws, nuts, bolts, washers in various jars and tins spread around the workshop.

By December 2015, the car was finally reassembled having eventually found precious nuts and bolts, bells and whistles, which had been carefully saved in forgotten hidden holes.


DSC03449 DSC03897
DSC03458 DSC03453
DSC03479 DSC03467
DSC03461 DSC04595
DSC06521 DSC06516
DSC04648 DSC04647
DSC04640 DSC04604
DSC04596 DSC07204

The Final Polish

Silvia needed one final polish before going to Sydney, ready for shipping to China.

Car ready for final polish 003 Car ready for final polish 002 Car ready for final polish

Unfortunately, there was a little detour with the wrong polish used which scratched swirls over her beautiful body.

004 Oh no! Used cutting polish in error 006 Could not rub these marks off!!!! 005 The cutting polish wrecked the surface

Fortunately, with lots of elbow grease and the correct polish and wax Silvia emerged more beautiful than ever.

030 More flattering than a mirror027 Boot badge025 The map that will get them to Paris021 Silvia's backside020 Silvia driver's side018 Beautiful Silvia017 Bas went up in a puff of smoke016 Reflections of Happy Boys

The boot and back seat were packed with well-labelled tubs, with every effort to keep out the Mongolian dust, sand and water.

008 Beautifully packed boot009 Bas' spatial acuity makes him the best packer010 Back seat for spare tyres, fire extinguisher etc007 Saved by the proper polish and wax and LOTS elbow grease

She is a pleasure to drive. Nimble for a heavy-boned lass and she has yet to complain.011 Such a dashing dashboard

Tell you what though, EVERYONE is glad she’s finished; and just in time.

012 Computer-free - a real engine014 The boys say these spark plugs are a work of art013 I saw a show once where you could cook your lunch on the manifold as you drove along025 The map that will get them to Paris030 More flattering than a mirror029 Speedo will hopefully keep up with Silvia028 The sexiest knob made by John, Paul's clever dad026 Car 56 because that's Bas' age this year019 Silvia to the right022 Paul takes out his handy for final polish